Meet our young tutors!

essential up-to -date exam tips

Having just graduated from/current students in top Junior Colleges with excellent scores, our tutors are very familiar with the syllabus and can provide the best up-to-date exam tips to help your child excel!


Friendly and patient

Our young tutors are very approachable and patient, and are more able to relate to your child - we aim to be not just a tutor, but a friend as well.

highly flexible

Every student is unique and has their own strengths and weaknesses. Instead of conveniently forcing the same content on every child, we make it a priority to constantly assess your child's performance and tailor the pace to help them best.

Wu Jiahao, 18

Currently studying at Raffles Institution, Jiahao is a dedicated tutor who has a passion for teaching. His hobbies are computer science and basketball!

Chirin Soh, 18 

Also a student of Raffles Institution, Chirin likes to watch movies and do sports. She is a caring and patient teacher!

Dai Xiang Rong, 17

A J2 student at Raffles Institution, Xiang Rong has had 2 years of experience tutoring students and enjoys exploring the fundamental concepts thoroughly to stretch his students' minds.